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Hello everyone.. I am randomly posting so as to aid Nia in something. Sorry about this.
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~To Chaos~

I hope you do not believe that silliness that I don't love you, because I do.. and I wanted to post this just to make sure that you know. In some things my mun is picky, and well it makes it a real 'joy' to have to sit there and listen to her.. and so I really can't play when she is in one of those moods. I never wanted to stop playing, but I felt that for the sanity of the muse box I did not, because she was on very shaky ground.

And really, when it comes down to it, being married to you is really all the reward I need. The joys of walking into the kitchen and having you there in your cute yellow apron or waking up with you snuggled into my side.

Love, Your Jin.
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Jin - Small of Two Bits

~Happy Valentines Day~

Because I fought Hyuga for control of the keys AND WON! I would like to wish everyone over at xenosomething a happy valentines day. (except for Shion who is probably going to be dateless in front of the TV AGAIN this year...) *gets hit by Yui.. hard* Owww... okay well, there had better be alot of porny action going on or else you will make Jin CRY!

<3, Jin

P.S: Chaos.. the handles of those kitchen knives.. they are blunt. *teehee*
Hyuga - Bite Me

::Not the Explosions everyone was expecting::

We would appreciate it if you ceased this right about now. If you are bored then do something productive like browse Ebay or look through the mountains of shota porn that we know you possess under your bed. I so would not say that by the way.

-Hyu (Who cannot be bothered with Jin because Jin is a prat)
Uzuki - Default

~Note from Hyuga~

What the fuck ever. Yes, I have just curse. Too fucking bad. I am absolutely sick over what that -child- has said. Because it is only evident that it is coming from a very hateful and bitter part of herself. And here Nia is sitting here in front of her computer with tears streaming down her face. Tears that cannot decide if they are sadness or hatred. They are hot upon her cheeks, I can feel them.. and I want to slit her bloody deus-damned throat. I want to pay her back for all the times I had to sit through one of MY DEATHS. All of which Nia played along with because she did not want to lose the ones that the loved. It was not myself that wanted them, I hated them and I never more hated my mun then when she was with Kuro because I had to expect another bout of unfufillment, pain and loss.

And to think I -loved- that Sigurd. I can profess that I did love lostangelssong's Sigurd (In the end at least we had a happy ending), and I know that I am in love with shuufish's Sigurd. But Kurohyou's? Never.

I hope someone unmasks that -lamb- for the evil twisted sociopath that she is. And if I had voice, I would take it upon myself to do it.